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I have always loved woodworking, and used to do it only as a hobby. However, I always got great compliments on what I created. For presents I would often make things for the individual and they looked forward to receiving them. When my job got cut back to part time I was really stressed about money. That is when I decided to put my hobby to making me some income.

Sanding down the items I make and sell is important. This is part of the process for them to look remarkable as I go. Sanding flap wheels allow me to do it with ease. The goal is to create the best looking items I can in the least amount of time. I sell them online and at local craft shows. The extra money is nice and I really love what I do.

Of course no one out there is going to buy them if they aren’t well made. I tried many different types of flap wheels throughout my work and found that Quickwood is the one that offers the best overall value. I haven’t had any trouble with this type of flap wheel at all and I use it all the time.

If you aren’t familiar with flap wheels, they are a type of abrasive brush. There are strips around it called flaps. They all come from a center hub and that hub is what allows the strips to move around the wood you are working with. This center hub can be made from cardboard or metal. There is also heavy duty materials offered if you need something extremely durable.

With the Quickwood flap wheels I can easily sand the contours of the wood I work with. Since I have a vivid imagination, the projects take on a life of their own. I end up with many great designs, but that also means there are plenty of contoured areas that must be addressed.

What I have found with the Quickwood flap is that the same amount of pressure is applied to the entire piece of wood regardless of such contours. This is part what makes my woodworking designs look so excellent. Some assume I am just extremely skilled and that is part of it. The other thought is using an abrasive flap disc that give me the edge over my competition.

You do need to be gentle as well though when you are working with wood. One mistake can ruin the entire project you are working on. With quality flap wheels you can be confident that it is also very gentle where it needs to be – especially around the edges. This is certainly the way to go if you want to save time. Hand sanding is too time consuming and it is also hard to get uniform results.

Sharp edges can be created when you work with wood. The last thing you want is for them to remain. Someone could get hurt from them when they pickup your woodworking item. Flap wheels break down those sharp edges for you so that they won’t become a problem. Get into the habit of removing them any time you create something out of wood.

During the time that you sand your wood, loose fibers can be lingering in those areas. With flap wheels though you are successfully able to. If you allow them to linger then when you stain it and seal it those areas will feel rough. You want them to feel smooth. I accomplish that also with the use of the flap wheel.

When it is time for me to stain my woodworking projects, the stain coloring looks amazing. I do use a quality stain for this but part of the reason it looks so great is due to the use of the abrasive flap wheels. When you use various tools in different areas for the sanding through other means then it can create color differences. That will reduce the visual appearance though of what you just created.

When you look at an abrasive wheel you will find that there are many different sizes. I have several of them on hand due to the type of work that I do. Keep in mind the types of projects you plan to be able to complete with what you buy. If you aren’t sure what you need do some research before hand. That will ensure you get what you need to create a quality project.

I recommend that you get yourself a 2", 4" and 8" just to have on hand. I say this because once you see how great a Quickwood flap wheel works for you then you will find other things you want to use it for. While I primarily use mine for woodworking that I give for gifts and that I sell, I also use it to do some basic home improvements with.

I’ve relied on these flap sanding wheels for redoing the wood on a rocking chair for our family. I also used them when we recently updated the look of our kitchen. The wood cabinets look fantastic now and we didn’t spend a bundle to replace them either.

You don’t need to spend tons of money for flap wheels that work well. Trust me when I tell you I spend lots of money on some that just didn’t work very well at all. I love the Quickwood and won’t trade it for anything else. I know it will be reliable and it gives me the freedom to continue my woodworking projects.

When you buy flap discs for your wood working projects, you will actually save money. This can be used to complete all of the different things I mentioned here. You don’t need to buy lots of various tools in order to get the work done. I know I wouldn’t be selling nearly as many items as I do if I wasn’t relying on Quickwood flap wheels in my creation process.

If you are interested in doing woodworking like I do or even some upgrades to furniture you have then flap wheels will help you to do the work with amazing results. Make sure you check to get the quality you need. The time and effort you put into such products is well worth it. However, you do need to work with the right materials to make it a success.

Quickwood Abrasive Flap Wheels

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Abrasive flap wheels are exceptional tools for lots of things you want to get done. A passion I have it taking old furniture and restoring it. The work is fun and I make lots of money doing it too. That money is often used to pay for extra family expenses and an occasional vacation.

I get used furniture for low prices from second hand stores and yard sales. Then I take it home and make it amazing again. Abrasive flap wheels help me to cut down the amount of time it takes to completely sand the work. This is an important step in the process for a great outcome. When the wood is all sanded the same way and the same depth, it is simple enough to stain it. Just look at this table I worked on…

People are willing to pay a decent sum of money for these items of furniture that I finish up too. They may think I have lots of time invested in them but I really don’t. I even have some people come to me with older furniture that they have had for a while. They want to keep it but they want it to be improved. I gladly take on such work and get it back to a great quality for them.  Read the rest of this entry »

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